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Man Skills: The Three Types of “Fools” You’ll Confront

Jimbo here with some ultra-manly tips.

Yes, it’s 2020… officially “the future”. (I’m still looking around for the jet-pack I was promised).

From now on me and my business partner Bob Pierce, (and the rest of the crew), would like to make sure that you and other “hotlist” guys are always on the cutting edge of what it takes to be a well-rounded bad-ass. (Okay, that sounded weird.)

To help, we will publish posts covering the manliest of topics, including self-defense… weapons… survival tools… fitness (even for old dudes like me)… disaster survival…

…home defense… spycraft tricks… non-verbal power signals… warrior mindset…

…and a host of other practical skills and know-how that no red-blooded male should be without.

Today, let’s examine the three types of fools you’re likely to get into a confrontation with on the street, (or in the office or at a family reunion for that matter).

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