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How to Choose the Right Survival Knife for YOU!

I carry a knife with me almost everywhere I go, and I have a variety of knives that I like. In the military and as an agent I always had a knife with me, sometimes more than one. The Air Force actually issued me the knife shown below.

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(This article is best consumed in series with the prior offerings regarding Aquatic Tactics found here and here.) If we have developed the skill to swim, possess a reasonable breath-holding capacity (a comfortable one-minute is sufficient across many cultures), and have a willingness to work our aquatic tactics fully, the limiter at this point is Read More

In my years of training and fighting, I have discovered that most fights are lost for one very simple reason: hesitation. The person being attacked either does not react fast enough or is less willing to use violent force than the attacker. A bad guy who attacks you has no problem hurting you… but are Read More

First, what’s a buckler? A buckler is a small round-shield wielded by swordsmen or spearmen, it is worn on the defensive forearm or held in the defensive hand. While the weapon-hand went to work the buckler was used to deflect blows and at times used as a weapon itself. OK, so what does a buckler Read More

I would like to introduce you to a fighting principle called the Fluid Shock Wave Principle. I was taught this principle when I became an instructor in a police defensive tactics system called PPCT which stood for Pressure Point Control Tactics. Even though this was the primary focus of the system, I won’t be talking Read More

Action films and cartoons share a common idea, well, many ideas, but I will call your attention to this familiar situation. Our hero, be he Bugs Bunny evading Elmer Fudd or a warrior on the run, encounters a river. To thwart pursuers, he plucks a reed from the surrounding vegetation and submerges himself with only Read More