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Warrior Awareness: The Killing Hand

There is a 90% chance that you, Dear Reader, are right-handed.

Left-handedness has an approximate 10% distribution in human populations.

Some research shows there is an approximate 30% of us who delegate tasks between hands, so called ambidexterity. But if we dig deeper on this mixed-handedness, it is not true even-handedness. This 30% still shows a hand preference on fine motor skill work.

Disclosure: I am a righty who boxes southpaw, signs my name with my right hand, works the Bowie knife and tomahawk with the right hand, but finds that my left hand is more facile in gunwork. I’m in that 30% twilight zone but… when confronted with a new task or as skills deteriorate under stress-drills (extreme cold et cetera) the right-hand dominance manifests more starkly. So, keep in mind ambidexterity is not a true 50/50 proposition.

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