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Man Skills: Know this guy? You should…

Jimbo here, bringing you yet another riveting edition of Man-Skills. Over the past few months, I’ve received a few questions about our line-up of FightFast instructors.

Apparently some of our competitors have suggested we “hyped-up” credentials or even that our combat experts aren’t “real”.

Oh, they’re real alright. Maybe a little too real. Just ask the “bad-guys” who found out the hard way, (if they can still talk).

So every now and then I will dedicate a Man-Skills newsletter to giving you a short bio on a FightFast instructor.

Today I bring you FightFast instructor Jim “Smokey” West.

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There is no such title as a spy, but there are spies. When I was a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations stationed in Turkey, technically, I was a “counterintelligence agent.” As such, my job was to spy on my opponents, and they spied on me. You will never see an Read More

It’s Jimbo again with my buddy W. “Hock” Hochheim. (Okay, he’s not sitting right next to me. That would be awkward since we’d have to be six feet apart and mumble through masks. But he did provide us some deep insights on the realities of knife combat over the phone and using the magic of Read More

As a special agent working counterintelligence one of the things I often had to worry about was if someone was using the same techniques I was using to spy on them to spy on me. If your “sixth sense” is telling you that someone is spying on you or your family, you are probably correct. Read More

Hey Subscriber… it’s Jimbo again. Okay… as we continue to plunge into the abyss of the coronavirus hellscape, I’m doing what any reasonable newsletter editor would do… I’m completely ignoring the subject, (again). Instead, I’ve emerged from between the cushions of my couch to bring you some deep insights on the gnarly-gnarly realities of knife Read More

I am writing this article right after seeing the John Wick 3 movie, and it was awesome. It got me to thinking about how someone can be this skilled in a rather short period of time. What I am going to talk about in this article will take you almost a year to accomplish, but Read More