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Man Skills: More News From The Fighting Front

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Jimbo here from the FightFast headquarters bringing you more “bam-bam he’s out” kinda tips.

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When it comes to fighting and self-defense, your emotions play a significant role in how you will react. Most self-defense and martial arts classes don’t really get into the emotional aspect and those that do tend to limit their focus to a gross oversimplification of emotional response. But, beyond being scared or angry, what role Read More

Jimbo here from the FightFast central to chat about the manly art of street fighting. For 30 years FightFast/TRS has been calling in experts (U.S. Special Forces, cage fighters, street brawlers, and other nice chaps) to teach average guys advanced but easy-to-learn fight skills that will allow them to either avoid a confrontation entirely, (which Read More

As I peruse the various social media sites, read the paper and watch the news, I hear people commenting on their concerns about “what the world has come to.” Battles are raging across the world; we STILL have soldiers dying overseas and here on our own streets. It appears the number of people looking to Read More

Jimbo here with yet another riveting bio of a FightFast instructor. Today I bring you an amiable gentleman who just so happens to have served inside one of blackest-of-black Special Ops units… where he eliminated insurgents and dispatched bad guys on a regular basis.

When I was involved in protective service situations both in the states and abroad, I had to do everything I could to keep a situation from escalating. I had to protect my VIP, and I could not go off fighting with some guy while my VIP was left unprotected. I was not allowed to cause Read More