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Man Skills: Avoid… talk… or run like hell.

Hey, it’s Jimbo here.

As one of the owners of FightFast and TRS, (and as an overall reckless dude willing to take insane risks), I’ve helped track down some of the most dangerous men on the planet to get them to reveal (and teach on camera) their most simple and effective fighting secrets.

As our reputation grew over the decades, some of these fighters began tracking ME down, which can be a little unnerving. (“Hello Jimbo? I can kill a man with my bare hands. Can we meet privately?”).

Yes, we’ve uncovered some interesting characters.

One dude we hired earned spare cash in back alley FightClub style pit fights. (How good was he? Well, he still has ALL his teeth, that’s how good).

Another is a decorated combat soldier who fought on the front lines of every U.S. conflict since Grenada. (For you youngsters, that’s a Caribbean island, not the red stuff you mix into a tequila sunrise).

And yet another served 2-tours in Vietnam as a “tunnel rat”, crawling through enemy tunnels with a .45, actively hunting the Vietcong in pitch dark terror. (Surprisingly he’s the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet… though I admit I’ve been extra-careful to stay on his good side).

But the one thing that ALL of these combat instructors consistently teach is this:

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