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Man Skills: Gun combat tips if the bullets start flying

Hey, it’s Jimbo here.

This week’s manly chat will be about gun combat.

There are a million scenarios I can think of where the bullets could start flying. A mugging… a home invasion… a meltdown leaving folks fighting for food and water… or an epic battle over the remote.

No matter how it happens, when the shootout begins, your brain will automatically fall-back to its level of training.

Problem is, the only “training” most gun owners have is blasting bottles off a fence or standing at the range plugging holes in paper targets.

It’s a good way to get to know your weapon, but that’s not really combat training, (unless your attacker happens to be a 1-liter Coke bottle filled with water. Then you’re set).

Although I have never been in a gun-fight myself, (except for being shot in the face by my nephew armed with a “Super-Soaker”), I am honored enough to be friends with men who’ve been in pitched battles and lived to tell the tale.

Hollywood makes defending yourself with a gun look easy, (just blast away from behind that bush where return fire can’t possibly hurt you), but it’s a different story when a determined shooter is actually trying to kill you.

I wanted to get this right. Gunplay is serious business, (like when I held high-score on the “Wild West” arcade game at the local pizza joint. Talk about an adrenaline rush).

So I drew on the expertise of FightFast instructor Jim West, (a 20-year U.S. Special Forces combat vet), to help create this newsletter.

Jim “Smokey” West earned a half a dozen medals in the “first” Iraq war… spent 13 years in the Green Berets… trained U.S. Special Forces and Justice Department agents in hand-to-hand combat, and more.

Legally, he can’t even talk about most of the truly nasty and deadly fighting he’s done while in the U.S. Special Forces. (And believe me, I didn’t pry. But word has it he was very effective at “taking out the trash”).

Just know that I dug deep for you on this one.

Jim West is one of FightFast‘s most experienced gun combat experts. He HAS served in combat and experienced live fire-fights, (that’s where the targets shoot back), so the advice you’re getting here is the real deal.

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