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Using a Bow and Arrow for Survival

I have picked up a new hobby lately. It is kind of funny that I started doing this because it came into my mind while watching one of my favorite television shows, The Walking Dead. You see, currently, in the show, the zombie apocalypse has been going on for many years, and most people don’t have bullets for guns anymore, so the now have kind of reverted to medieval times when people used swords, knives, crossbows and my new fascination, bows and arrows.

I also love the Green Arrow television show and thought it would be so cool to know how to shoot. Based on this premise, I want to talk about bows and arrows and how they can come in handy in the case of a disaster where you cannot get your hands on a gun or at least the bullets to fill your gun. I am going to cover the pros and cons of using bows as a way to defend yourself and your family, and I’ll explain the different types of bows and which one you should consider for protection and hunting.

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Let’s start with a little Old West history and then walk that into a mighty pragmatic drill-set that trains sensitivity, sensory deprivation, and overall resourcefulness.

As a private investigator I received 13 requests for my services last week, and six of them were for help locating a missing person. It sounds crazy, but it happens. Family members, ex-spouses, friends, children, and parents can all fall out of touch with each other. Then suddenly something happens, and you desperately need to Read More

There is a 90% chance that you, Dear Reader, are right-handed. Left-handedness has an approximate 10% distribution in human populations. Some research shows there is an approximate 30% of us who delegate tasks between hands, so called ambidexterity. But if we dig deeper on this mixed-handedness, it is not true even-handedness. This 30% still shows Read More

As a Private Investigator, I am often asked to conduct background checks for my clients. These days I think that is a good idea, especially with so many people meeting on social media. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can trust everyone in the world? Unfortunately, this is not the ideal world. We cannot simply Read More

Do you consider yourself courageous? Now, whether you answered that question in the affirmative or the negative or in the “Well, maybe, a little” let’s now answer this… Would you like to be more courageous?