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Private Investigator Tactics

In the fictional world of television and novels, clients (usually beautiful blondes) seek out a private investigator (trench coat and fedora included) to help them find something that doesn’t fall within the bounds of the police’s jurisdiction. They may have already tried working with the police or may be afraid of them, but they turn to private investigators because of the specialized skills they have.

My typical client is not a beautiful blonde; however, I do occasionally wear a fedora. The reasons that clients hire investigators are about the same in fiction and fact. While I operate on the periphery of law enforcement, my job is not to enforce laws anymore (I was a federal agent and did enforce the law). There is a subtle but significant difference.

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The best security practices come from your being vigilant and situationally aware. These two things are rooted in your having a warrior mindset. The defining characteristic of a warrior’s mindset is their determined focus on the next challenge that needs to be overcome. The key difference comes from the way that these challenges are defined. Read More

“Let us set for ourselves a standard so high that it will be a glory to live up to it, and then let us live up to it and add a new laurel to the crown of America.” — Woodrow Wilson If you are not thinking, acting, and training like a warrior, you are setting Read More

Hey, it’s Jimbo again with another YouTubie tip. This one’s about a wicked little “Chopper” strike, (and no, it doesn’t require an axe).

Jimbo here from the FightFast headquarters (getting ready to burn this crusty facemask once-and-for-all). Got a new YouTube video you’re gonna like. It’s an old boxing technique to bust up your opponent’s knuckles, (fun). Combine it with a wicked little “fist-load” (our EDC Tactical Flashlight) and you’ll inflict 10-times more damage (which also happens to Read More

When you think about a classic bodyguard, what are the first things that come to mind? Thanks to movies, one of the first things you probably think of is Kevin Costner in the film, The Bodyguard. After that, you probably think of the Secret Service, or presidential bodyguards, that engage in shootouts and fights with Read More