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How To Survive A Traffic Stop When You’re Armed by Derek Smith

No one likes a traffic stop, Not even cops. Next, to domestic disputes, this is probably the most dangerous thing police officers do every day. Every traffic stop is potentially deadly for the police officer. It’s not just the danger of gunfire or sudden assault that police officers face… more get killed by passing traffic than a run in with a driver.

You, as a responsibly armed citizen, need to understand that a police officer is already on alert even before arriving at your vehicle window. The officer is on the lookout for a whole host of dangers and does not know your intentions during this interaction.

I have had my fair share of traffic stops. Even today, after years as a law enforcement officer myself, I still stiffen and get a little scared when an officer stops me. I have had some harsh treatment until the officer learned that I had a gun and badge too. Then things calmed down a bit.

Now that I am a private citizen with authority to carry a gun, I find myself even more afraid when an officer stops me. I am a 6-foot, 260-pound black guy carrying a weapon and I don’t want a nervous or overzealous cop to shoot me before I have the time to identify myself and show him my permit. We know this has happened in the past.

So, in this article, I want to share with you a few things you should do if you are stopped by the police, ESPECIALLY if you are carrying. These things will ensure your traffic stop ends safely for everyone involved.

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