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Strike Like You Mean It: The Fluid Shock-Wave Principle

I would like to introduce you to a fighting principle called the Fluid Shock Wave Principle. I was taught this principle when I became an instructor in a police defensive tactics system called PPCT which stood for Pressure Point Control Tactics. Even though this was the primary focus of the system, I won’t be talking about manipulating pressure points. However, the system also outlines a striking technique that I thought was pretty awesome and have used with various martial arts I have studied.

The Fluid Shock Wave Principle is emphasized in all of the special agent combative system counterstrikes. It is not an unknown concept in the martial arts. This striking principle has been called the focus punch, the energy sink, the heavy hand strike, and many other terms relating to a “vibration” type of strike. Unfortunately, learning how to deliver such a strike often took a lifetime of constant practice, since few individuals understood the strikes physics or dynamics. I will explain them to you in this article.

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The Importance of Knowing How To Swim A recent series of water-related tragedies reminds us of, at the very least, the vital importance of the ability to swim, and for the ready-warriors of the world an ability that goes a bit beyond that.

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A New Era James “Gentleman Jim” Corbett is regularly acknowledged as the dividing line separating the brawler/slugger era of boxing to the gloved “scientific” era. Corbett himself would tout the “scientific” method of fighting, which meant more fluidity and the addition of finesse punches to the usual power arsenal. Hear Corbett himself on the differences: Read More