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Embracing the Warrior Spirit Within

“Let us set for ourselves a standard so high that it will be a glory to live up to it, and then let us live up to it and add a new laurel to the crown of America.” — Woodrow Wilson

If you are not thinking, acting, and training like a warrior, you are setting yourself up for failure! Most people today are not practicing one of the most critical and fundamental elements of survival and that is living the life of a warrior and embracing the warrior spirit that is present within all of us. In today’s fast-paced society living the warrior lifestyle is quite difficult, especially considering the demands of the job and the ever-increasing pace of our personal lives.

It is not until we are faced with some life-threatening event that we realize the importance of thinking, acting and training like a warrior. However, if we do not acknowledge the fact that we need to think like a warrior to survive, then we are setting ourselves up for failure.

Look around you. There is evidence everywhere demonstrating the decreasing warrior spirit. It is evident in people’s complacency. It is evident in people’s lack of focus, discipline and proper attitude to challenge themselves with fitness and combat training. It is evident in the shocking amount of unfit and obese people all around us. The tragedy is many people, even those who call themselves warriors, don’t give this much thought until they are facing a focused opponent who wants to take their life. Do not wait for disaster to strike. Make up your mind right here and now that you will embrace your warrior spirit today and, in this article, I am going to tell you how.

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